Friday, January 7, 2022

Using Hypontix? Check out these providers


Hypnotix is a free and open-source IPTV streaming application with support for live TV, movies, and series. It is developed and managed by the Linux Mint team to support multiple IPTV providers of the types Xtream API, local m3u playlist, and M3U URL.

It can support multiple IPTV providers of the following types:

  • M3U URL
  • Xtream API
  • Local M3U playlist

TV Channels and media content

Hypnotix does not provide content or TV channels, it is a player application which streams from IPTV providers.

By default, Hypnotix is configured with one IPTV provider called Free-TV:

This provider was chosen because it satisfied the following criterias:

  • It only includes free, legal, publicly available content
  • It groups TV channels by countries
  • It doesn't include adult content

Issues relating to TV channels and media content should be addressed directly to the relevant provider.

Note: Feel free to remove Free-TV from Hypnotix if you don't use it, or add any other provider you may have access to or local M3U playlists.

Here are some providers you can add to expand your channel selections...

It is simple to add providers. When you open Hypnotix you will notice two small icons in the upper right corner. Click the one that looks like a TV. This is 'Providers'. At the bottom of that screen you will see '+ Add a new provider'. Click it and add the information as you see it here.

So there is no mistake, I will provide a screen shot of the settings. 

Click the pictures to enlarge...

I use Category most of the time since it makes it easy to find the news channels I like...

and here are the others I have tested...

Click the pictures to enlarge...

References: Hypontix for LinuxMint

Copy and paste list of providers:

  • Other

  • playlist

  • country

  • category

  • Free-TV (this is the default provider)

 I hope you find this of some use.

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